Rucci Law Group has extensive experience in zoning and land use matters, both commercial and residential. The firm has appeared before numerous local land use boards concerning both complex and straightforward zoning issues. The firm has litigated Administrative Appeals, Tax Assessment Appeals, and Land Use Disputes, such as property line disputes and easement rights, in Connecticut Superior Courts. Rucci Law Group provides creative and efficient strategies to deal with land use issues and has a track record of successful litigation.

Key Legal Issues for Zoning and Land Use

  • Advocating for the client’s best interests by maintaining long-term, positive relationships with the local zoning authorities in Darien, New Canaan, and Norwalk and drawing on these resources to understand exactly what needs to be done to efficiently obtain zoning permissions.
  • Functioning as the overseer in complex zoning issues to coordinate and streamline the work of architects, surveyors, engineers and other professionals, which saves time, money, and hassle for the client.
  • Successfully obtaining variances, site plan approvals, and other commercial and residential zoning approvals, based on long-term and solid relationships with local zoning authorities.
  • Litigating, when necessary, with a record of successfully appealing zoning decisions.

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