As a long-time sponsor of the annual AmeriCares Airlift benefit, RLG has provided several of its attorneys, including Joe Rucci, a multiple trip traveler, with the privilege of participating in airlifts to a variety of countries over the years. This year, George Reilly made the 24-hour round trip to the Dominican Republic where he saw the impact of AmeriCares’ efforts to improve the health of families and communities.

George visited a nursing home which has been renovated and updated largely by AmeriCares making the patients more comfortable and allowing the medical staff to serve them better. AmeriCares supplies much needed medicine to the facility.

George also visited a medical clinic outside of Santiago where he had an opportunity to speak with some of the patients who expressed their gratitude for the medical care they were now able to receive.

The whirlwind trip was an exhilarating experience for George who saw AmeriCares at work and how that work improves the lives of so many people in the Dominican Republic, the U.S. and the world.