Rucci Law Group will soon bid farewell to Nancy Baker. After more than 30 years of service to the attorneys and firm Nancy will retire at the end of 2015. She is quick to point out that she won’t be farther away than a phone call and will remain actively involved in the Darien community.

When asked to reflect on how her job has changed over the years, Nancy replied that the biggest changes have been in technology and particularly in the use of the cloud. It has been exciting to work for a firm that embraces technology to make the work more efficient and secure, said Nancy. Besides improving the workflow at RLG, learning new applications and software packages have kept her connected to her young grandchildren. Nancy described receiving a video from her granddaughter detailing the preparations for the first day of school and the joy of participating in these events virtually. I am lucky my job helps me stay current with technology. The benefit is being very involved in my grandchildren’s lives.

Nancy finished our interview with a debate about whether her long history of working with Joe Rucci or the extensive candy on offer in the office was the best part of her career as a paralegal. Her final verdict was that candy can be found at any grocery store but a long and successful working relationship is a rare find indeed. Joe Rucci summarized Nancy’s long contribution to the firm’s success by saying, Beyond her value as a knowledgeable and skilled legal assistant are her personal qualities: her warmth, her friendliness, her excellent relationship with clients and her tireless willingness to go above and beyond to be of help to our firm and its clients.” Rucci Law Group bids Nancy farewell and wishes her every happiness in her retirement.