Rucci Law Group welcomed Michele Gartland as an attorney in the Trusts and Estates practice in January, 2015. Michele Gartland brings experience in corporate and general practice, along with strong ties to the community, a hallmark of the Rucci Law Group.


Michele Gartland describes her approach to law as a combination of legal knowledge, understanding a client’s needs, building a long-term, trusting relationship, and at times some hand holding in the best sense. ¬†Michele added, “Phases of life play an important role, as young couples plan for protection of their children and generating wealth, while later in life couples are looking at how best to transfer wealth intelligently.”


When asked if there is anything she wished people knew about Trusts and Estates law that they don’t generally know, Michele had a practical answer about a typical misconception that can have costly ramifications. Most people focus on the federal exemption from estate tax, which is currently $5.43 million, without realizing that the Connecticut exemption from state estate taxes is substantially lower, at $2 million. Although the initial estate tax rate in Connecticut is 7.2%, it can still result in significant taxes due if not properly planned for. Insight into the intricacies of estate taxes highlights the benefit of working with Michele to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Michele also mentioned a growing trend in estate planning which includes the careful consideration of digital assets. With so much information stored digitally and with so many people having an online presence, more and more people are planning to whom they would like to give access and how they would like these assets managed after their deaths. It is a rapidly evolving area of the law and one that impacts everyone.


In addition to the great team at Rucci Law and the opportunity to truly help people, Michele especially enjoys the extensive coffee selection in the office. When pressed to select a favorite, Michele replied, “Everyone has their own favorite, and we love to share them with our clients.”¬Ě Stop in to have a cup of excellent coffee with Michele and discuss all your estate planning needs.