How did a woman who grew up in England and spent many years living in Asia and working in finance end up as a paralegal in a small town law firm?

I moved to the U.S. with my husband and children for his job. In my first years here, I stayed home to raise my children, but when they were older, I wanted to go back to work. I began as a receptionist at RLG and as I learned more about the firm and business of law, I wanted to become more involved and worked my way into a paralegal role.

What about your business background lends itself to working in a law firm?

I really like numbers and problem solving. Although trading Eurobonds and working on house closings may not seem to have an immediate connection, both of those activities use my skills well. My job requires me to negotiate with lenders, determine loan costs, and handle all the accounting minutiae that come with documents, loan financings, taxes and fees. At the same time, I act as a bridge between the lenders and our clients, explaining the process and trying to make it a pleasant, no-hassle experience for all involved.

What do you find interesting about the residential real estate market in Connecticut?

I love the fact that there are so many international buyers in this area. That is a unique factor and it also makes me well positioned to do my job. International clients feel comfortable that someone who has seen the American process firsthand is helping them through it. They know that our firm has experience with people moving from and to other countries and can explain how certain things may work differently from real estate transactions they have experienced in the past.

What do you like best about your job?

I’ve been here for six years, and I find the client work quite fulfilling because at the end of the day I am helping someone with a huge task that is very important to his or her life. On the lighter side of things, I’ve successfully introduced the English tradition of “elevenses” to the office. That means tea or coffee and a snack at mid-morning – I think I’ve convinced 90% of the firm to participate, and now I’m working on strawberries and cream for Wimbledon! But seriously, I am very grateful to the firm for providing a welcoming workplace and for being extremely flexible. It’s nice to feel that I can have a good work/life balance.

What do you do to relax?

I enjoy playing tennis and watching rugby. We have a holiday home in Sri Lanka and I love spending time there. I am also an avid concertgoer. I recently saw Radiohead at Madison Square Garden and took my daughter to see Taylor Swift.