Meet Ozzy, a rescued dog from the Ozarks, hence his name, from the Little Pink Shelter in Westport. Adopted by Joe and Debbie Rucci after losing Nico, the original office dog, Ozzy is a shar-pei/lab mix just like his predecessor. Ozzy is just about a year old and has a lot of puppy in him. He loves playing with his toys, but also needs a lot of sleep. He will stretch out anywhere throughout the office to catch 40 winks – sometimes accompanied by snoring. While Ozzy is still learning proper office etiquette he greets everyone each morning and his favorite time of the day is lunch. Ozzy has a mellow disposition and is a happy-go-lucky guy. He aspires to be a great RLG office dog.

Previous Employment

  • Wandering the hills of the Ozarks


  • All Pet Rescue Groups

Public Service

  • Keeping the stress level down in the office