Michele Gartland

Divorce is almost always a time of stress. The bulk of that stress is certainly emotional, but no small part of the pressure comes from the logistics of splitting up – the need to review, undo, and rework the many written documents that organize your family, your household, your finances, your medical care and your future. Many of those documents will be sorted out before a divorce becomes final, but even when a divorce is granted, everything is not necessarily over.

Significant practical steps often remain to be taken, particularly regarding legal and estate planning documents. While it may be tempting to put the divorce behind you, it is important to follow through with these details to make sure the intent of each party is followed according to the divorce decree.

Any document that names an ex-spouse as a beneficiary or in a fiduciary role needs careful review. For example, documents that commonly need revision include:

  • Life insurance forms and IRAs, which may need updated beneficiary designations
  • Real estate titles
  • Investment forms that may need to be retitled or divided
  • Estate planning documents such as wills, trusts, and powers of attorney
  • Health care proxies and other medical directives

At Rucci Law Group, we have experience in guiding clients through this process. We are able to counsel newly divorced men and women in the types of issues that may arise and the steps to take given their new circumstances. We work with clients to assess their needs and provide practical advice to accomplish their estate planning goals. We are aware that in a divorce, this is often the last step in a long process, and it is easy to put off or forget. But though it can seem a minor point in the larger separation context, responsibly handling the legal documentation requirements will avoid confusion, conflict and even potential litigation.

The sooner you address your post-divorce estate planning needs, the faster you can be reassured that your legal affairs are in order. This does not have to be a long or complicated exercise; the typical review can be completed within one month. Let Rucci help you update your documents so you can move on with your life.